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“The Mission of South Temiskaming Community Futures Development Corporation is to help maintain and enhance the quality of life by recognizing, creating and developing opportunities for partnership, growth, diversification, sustainable development and employment.”

Our Goals and Objectives

To promote community economic development by:
  • seeking ideas from the community about how to achieve

economic stability, recovery, growth and diversification;

  • conducting studies and research on local economy and identifying community economic development needs.


To initiate and promote community economic development programs that:

  • assist and encourage entrepreneurs to start-up a business or expand existing businesses;
  • provide technical advice and assistance such as information on communities, statistics and studies.

To promote employment growth by:

  • attempting to keep resources in the South Temiskaming region;
  • promoting entrepreneurial spirit in the South Temiskaming communities;
  • monitoring and identifying employment opportunities to be located primarily in the South Temiskaming communities.

To create and promote tourism opportunities in the South Temiskaming region.

To anticipate future adjustments so that the communities are prepared to deal with the future by:

  • assessing the impact of future changes in the local economy;
  • seeking community input on how they see their community in the future.

To undertake efforts to ensure that all participating communities are served equally by South Temiskaming Community Futures Development Corporation.